The Exterior Blinds offered by us serves as the ideal solution for open areas.These blinds provides complete protection and also complements the styled and demanding exteriors.The external blinds makes the cool breeze flow in the house and helps in temperature reduction.Monsoon blinds are made of transparent PVC sheet.Monsoon blinds are for exterior use where you can save your inner porch from rain and wind without loosing the natural beauty and view of your outdoor.
Available Range:
Here are blinds that are specially designed for the exteriors. Built to stand guard against heavy rains, winds and the scorching summer heat, these blinds are made from special scratch resistant PVC and Acrylic fabrics. In fact, all fittings are made of pure stainless steel for strength, and are easy to operate too.
Designed to withstand torrential rains and intense wind pressure, without blocking the outside view
Specially recommended for balconies, food courts, roof top cafeterias, Beach Resorts, garden restaurants, Al fresco dining areas and similar open spaced settings
Customized to fit perfectly and create better looking locales
Technical Features:
Body -made of 0.5 mm UV stabilized thick transparent PVC sheets
Head Rail – Extruded aluminum of 1.2mm wall thickness with Powder coated finish Pulleys, Cover plates and Bottom anchor for guide cables – Made of 304 grade Stainless steel for Anti rusting
Bracers- Extruded Aluminum 0f 1.5 mm wall thickness at aprox.18″ interval
Guide Cables 4 mm high grade steel